Do you know the 4 etiquette of drinking tea with your friends?

friends know

in the ancient tea ceremony is the representative of the

male woman Xiapin tea for the ceremony

"tea Shu" in

"said tea does not move the plant will give birth to the son, get married, have to tea for the ceremony, its meaning also do not transplant. People still its ceremony for tea, tea is also called "

" means

tea transplantation will not grow a seed can grow tea

a symbol of firmness, many sons

so there will be

ancient dowry tea

now the tea ceremony is about

their tea tea etiquette can sometimes do not pay attention to


hospitality Many details still have to pay attention to the


please clean tea for guests to sit down we are ready before the

in tea tea must be carefully cleaned

especially for a long time did not use

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also scalded with boiling water to tea

sterilization At the same time let friends drink the rest assured ah


can't concentrate on the tea cup in the end do not always thinking about


clean tea amount

"tea to fall seven points with three points is


friendship" tea do not pour

easily scalded

and guests will understand the meaning of

can be understood as the amount of tea tea tea,


the amount of water before the

can ask the guests love tea strong or weak


, a proper amount of tea tea well


tea to the guest is to be handed his hands guests of

if there is a

ear cup On the one hand is like

ear cup a cup at the bottom of the

is not only the tea

usually we will use both hands to the way of getting along with people



Tim Tim ordered tea tea also learned oh ~~

about seniority

, MS

priority priority elders

Tim tea and great use of

do not know my friends have not experienced

and speculative chat with friends

will suddenly do not know what to say at this time

air are quiet you can add a tea to break the awkward

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? > tea will have this feeling:


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