The first part of the new story of the old character is the first part of the new book

Xinbaoxun (reporter Jiang Ziqian) in the year nineteen report, clearly put forward "to strengthen cultural self-confidence, promote the prosperity of socialist culture. It is also the goal that the national brand has taken on more responsibilities. In order to better promote the development of Beijing time-honored tradition, edited by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, Beijing time-honored Association and the Commercial Press published "new stories" of the first series of time-honored tradition, in December 26th the first in the commercial press. Government departments, industry associations and old enterprises jointly explore the difficulties and breakthroughs of the inheritance of the old character skills.

? "" it is understood that this book of 24 time-honored traditional art enterprise's origin, the historical form, artistic characteristics, art juehuoer detail. Through the all-round display of inheritors, inheritance pedigree, inheritance characteristics, excellent representative works and their status quo and future, it not only fully embodies the diversity and skills of time-honored brand, but also shows its profound ideological and cultural details and artistic charm. The president of the Beijing Association of time-honored Liu Xiaohong at the scene said that after more than a year, the new "time-honored story" by the first series in theory, culture, old photos, pictures of new angles of the time-honored art heritage and the studio of the sort, rescue, record and perfect, is conducive to promoting the time-honored attention attention, craftsmanship, attention to promote the Chinese traditional culture of the whole society.

participants also said that the publication of the series of old story new stories is an in-depth protection for the traditional technology of the time-honored brand, and also reflects the protection and attention to the inheritors. Gold inlaid national representative inheritors Bai Deyuan also said that the time-honored represents the unique culture of Beijing, heritage juehuoer art, the inheritance and development of time-honored can also highlight the city cultural innovation and creativity.

as the publishing industry's time-honored enterprises, this is also the commercial press was born 120th anniversary, so the release of this set of books also has a special meaning for the brand. The deputy general manager Wang Qi also said at the scene, "new stories" in the time-honored mining national brand culture has more social significance. For brands, no matter which industry needs identification, old brand as the old brand, it shows the true craftsmanship spirit through inheriting people's patience, dedication and persistence. As a publishing company, it is also hoped that this series of books will allow more young people to pay attention to the old words and become the book brand recognized inside and outside the industry.

for many years, and the Municipal Commission of Commerce of conservation and development simultaneously, inheritance and innovation, through policy, establish a mechanism, build platform, excellent environment, create a conducive to the time-honored tradition of social atmosphere, efforts to promote the healthy and sustainable development of Beijing time-honored. At present, the situation of Beijing old word business situation is generally good, the brand influence is expanding, and it is deeply loved by the citizens of Beijing and even the consumers at home and abroad. It is reported that this year, the Municipal Commission of Commerce launched the "originality inheritance, authentic time-honored consumption promotion activities, with the theme of holiday promotions, promotional displays, time-honored Huimin hundred years old time-honored birthday, time-honored into the school, community and other activities to show the time-honored traditional culture and art, enhance the time-honored the brand influence, this series of promotion activities undertaken by the news media.

, director of the circulation and Development Department of the Municipal Commerce Commission, also said that the old brand new story will be built into a series of books. The second and third collections will also be published one after another, which will accumulate more materials for the spread of time-honored brand culture. As for the inheritance of the old technology, the government will also give more policy support to the traditional Chinese traditional skill inheritors. At the same time, it also encourages enterprises to innovate and develop on the basis of inheriting the traditional culture and skills of the old brand, actively embracing the Internet, attracting young consumer groups, and constantly improving the quality of goods and services.

meeting site to Liubiju, Yueshengzhai, Hok Tong, Sheng Xifu, Dong Laishun, rongbaozhai, Wang Mazi scissors, inlaid lacquer, enamel factory and other enterprises is the inheritor of donated books. The 91 year old years Chinese medicine health cultural heritage Lei Yulin personally came to the scene, also won the respect of the guests.

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