The heart of the people, oh, not stop!

"> 365 reminding" I believe everyone reading will have a different feeling, called each one according to his lights Shu division, to let you through every story, to remind everyone to participate in the role, let more people take good care of your thoughts, while continuing to develop, through our share, let everyone see more different perspectives and views, make up for their deficiencies, we encourage each other, improve together!

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Lou Zi monk, suddenly on the side of the restaurant, with a song:" if you inadvertently, I will sue!" Sub floor awakened!

in the past remind Shu division in paddy field often erect the scarecrow, neither curse, and not hit, but just to scare the birds, why is this?

because of the heart of the people, oh, not stop!

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1. > View summary experience with Bodhi Tao, not anger from Granville,

2. do not revel at ease of stream of consciousness of the moment, see is the

3. and the Buddha induced real exchange, the answer in the open by the mechanics, I have to take this knowledge, let the true meaning of Buddha solution

4. I have no one to visit him at

5. when we were persistent or habit, will make no winner

6., read all is empty, everything is false, no mind is really careless

7. have a luck. And the meal off the stream of consciousness and enlightenment, need to have reduced perseverance cultivation force, strengthen awareness, and meditation in continued plots based

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9. license is very important come just too well,

10. thought of the sentence:

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