Qian Zhongshu's best life: a person, quiet and rich; two people, warm and steady

source: poetry world

1998 today, Qian Zhongshu left this world.

" is the center with scornful words and jeering smiles ". His life has gone through countless changes and even crises, but he always laughs at embarrassment and jokes.

he was 19 years old by Tsinghua exceptional admission, mathematics only 15 points; he was addicted to books like life, to sweep the Tsinghua library. Known as" Kunlun culture "; he level works of" Fortress Besieged "is regarded as a" modern scholars "; he and Mr. Yang Jiang's love is touching and envy become a favourite tale.

for Qian Zhongshu, when a person, can keep the heart quiet and rich; two person, can each other, warm and practical; a family of three, can also help defend, simple warmth.

I think, this is the best state of life.

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