A large number of Ukraine aviation engine experts in the future, China security -225 domestic biggest obstacle has been clear

Domestic aviation engine is expected in the next 10 years has been rapid development in the fifty-second session of the Paris international air show site, Ukraine motor through the company and China Tianjiao aviation industry investment limited company appeared on the same stage, both sides will cooperate in the production of a variety of display aviation engine products, including D-18T high thrust turbofan engine. At the same time, another exciting news is coming, Ukraine and China are simplified immigration visa procedures, it is no doubt that Chinese intends to settle in Ukraine aviation engine experts opened Easy Access, according to the Ukraine news, 2020 will have more than 2000 aircraft engine technology experts, in order to promote the motor and Vujacic Tianjiao aviation project smoothly.

The fifty-second session of the Paris air show, and appeared on the same stage Tianjiao motor through the air

Cooperation agreement Ukraine Tianjiao aviation motor through the company and in September 2016 signed the contract, in accordance with the framework, motor through the company and the Beijing Tianjiao aviation industry investment company's Chongqing Tianjiao Aerospace Power Company Limited cooperation, Chongqing Tianjiao industrial base built after production including D-18T turbofan engine, an -225 heavy transport coach coach -10 the AI-222-25 turbofan engine, TV3-117VMA-SBM1V turboshaft and turboprop engine, AI-450S series engine, Ma Dasic completed the Chongqing base, the basic solution to the domestic advanced trainer, transport aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicle dynamic problem, and will also promote the overall development of China aviation engine industry.

"Ukraine's first deputy prime minister to visit Chongqing Tianjiao Aerospace Power Company Limited

As for the more than 2000 Ukraine aero engine technology experts and their families to settle down China issue, which is as important as the last century, the Soviet Union in 60s to the China aid construction experts. At that time, a large number of Soviet experts came to China to support the construction of new China, while the Ukraine expert came to China directly to help China's weakest aviation engine industry.

The world's second largest aircraft -225 (the first has been the United States "stratospheric emission" twin fuselage aircraft.)

A we must face the fact that there are at least 20-30 years gap at the present stage Chinese aero engine and the Russian British and French Hangfa, realize the possibility of overtaking is very small, want to narrow the gap in the short term, in addition to self-reliance hard work, also must rely on the help of external forces, Ma Dasic once products, technology and talents of all output to Chinese, will undoubtedly help Chinese aviation engine industry to achieve rapid development, technology transfer and promote inter industry, help China aviation industry to narrow the gap between the U.S. and Europe as soon as possible and. No exaggeration to say that the large number of Ukraine aviation technical experts to China, will make China's aviation engine industry at least 10 years less detours.

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