In 2017, the most popular new stock was born in the Shenzhen market, from 12.45 to 266.

closing, Hanrui cobalt karma of 243.3 yuan, down 1.18%. Speaking of the best performing new stock market in Shenzhen this year, many investors believe that it should be the Chinese big gene. In fact, it is only 120 thousand times of the new era. The stocks this year, the highest price of 266 yuan, more than 262 yuan BGI, another industry Hanrui cobalt board was dropped to below 70 yuan, 95 yuan is also lower than the bgi. Even if the price of 250 yuan a share, small scattered still see much, and said, fall on the buy, the first heavy stock.

in March 6th this year, the gem industry Hanrui cobalt on the issue price of only 12.65 yuan, after the listing of the stock appeared in 19 consecutive word limit, the stock in March 31st exceeded 100 yuan, released after the listing of the day, then Hanrui cobalt industry ushered in the biggest section of this year fell 3. A week from 109 yuan fell to 68 yuan. After more than 1 months, Hanrui cobalt industry once again see a minimum of 68 yuan price board opened the crazy soaring mode. In the whole year of

2017, the cold sharp cobalt industry has surged nearly 20 times. Compared with the second share index, the cold sharp cobalt industry has a limited decline every time in the market callback. Once the market is warming up, the share price will rapidly increase. The most obvious example is a wave of new shares in August, which pulled out 5 prices in a flash, and the stock changed from more than 90 yuan to $170. From the list of the ten largest tradable shareholders,

also saw that the stock market also had natural persons who became high funds in the market. In the three quarterly report, there were 7 funds and 1 trust entering the market in the cold Rui cobalt industry. Investors who bought in the two quarter all disappeared in the list. Willing to price flange and the stock performance is closely related to the net profit soared nearly 7 times, making it become two year the most niugu.

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