A Japanese foreign ministry announcement was brought to light in Africa conspiracy!

12 19, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a notice to remind Chinese citizens to proceed cautiously to Congo. On the surface, the outbreak of riots in African countries is an accident. But you know, in this China and Japan have just finished a fight, the Ministry of foreign affairs at this time sounding meaningful! Chinese hukouduoshi, Japan brutally cut Hu, June 1, 2017, a wailing came in Tokyo Japan Chiyoda Gordon!

“ days I want to die and! ” saying this not others, is the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo! Originally, in June 1st, China resources and Congo reached a strategic cooperation, held in Luoyang molybdenum industry — tenkye mining equity delivery ceremony. This cooperation, the original partner is not others, it is a small Japanese!

1 years ago, the American free port due to a shortage of funds to sell tenkye mining rights, Japan as the first round of disk access side, to the prime minister, to participate in the bidding enterprises to win. There are unexpected events in the world. Japan did not think that the Luoyang molybdenum industry was out of the way, and the sovereign state of tengke mining area &mdash and Congo also strongly supported Chinese enterprises to seize &ldquo and tengke mining area &rdquo. Such as the information hall to make clear reason, Andouble can not help but break the scolds: tengke this pond water really TM deep ah!

indeed, tengke M & A behind the water is really very deep. Kabila, the current president of Congo, was studied at the National Defence University PLA China in 1998. Not only that, Kabila's son also studied in China. Kabila once said that he had studied abroad in China: Although I only learned half a year at National Defense University in China, I benefited a lot. Without this experience, I would not be able to gain a foothold in China.

all fine subscript coarse words, one meaning can only be can only be sensed. Kabila is pro China political stance, it contributed to Luoyang molybdenum industry reached &ldquo ” tenkye mining area; finally, staged a drama hukouduoshi! Let the Japanese did not think that the US authorities had approved the agreement. When Andouble reacted to it, Japan had already been in this “ the total war was ” it was defeated in China. In the first World War in Congo, Japan lost more than one mining area, and the future of Japan.

Chinese monopoly cobalt, Japan lost the future no matter in the current and future power industry is the pillar of the country. Nuclear fusion power plants and three yuan batteries, which have been paid much attention by all countries, can not be separated from a mineral resource — — cobalt. It can be said that who controls the right of cobalt, who has mastered the commanding point of the future industrial revolution. In 2015, the global cobalt reserves were 7 million 100 thousand tons, of which the cobalt reserves of Congo (gold) were 3 million 400 thousand tons, accounting for 48% of the global cobalt reserves and ranked first in the world.

acquisition “ tengke mining area ” after that, Luoyang molybdenum industry will jump to the second largest cobalt producer in the world. If there are some China cobalt ore reserves, so Japan is nothing. It is clear that since China has snatched this strategic resource from Japan's mouth, it will not sell it to Japan. Although Russia and Canada is also a cobalt supplier, but the two countries have issued relevant laws strictly limit the scale of mining, unable to fill the huge gap in the market of the Congo market, but Russia and Canada are very expensive cobalt.

now, Chinese is the world's major producer of cobalt, once Chinese tenkye cobalt production, global cobalt prices will rise. The labor cost is higher Chinese under the condition of Japan if the high price of imported ore, or a few years, all with cobalt related businesses in Japan will be closed in Chinese enterprises under the impact of. It includes all battery enterprises, aviation power enterprises and some special industries concerned about national security.

further said that if China fully reduces the export volume of cobalt, half of Japan's pool businesses will be shut down within a few months due to lack of raw materials. Without electricity, there is no future. Therefore, the tengke mining area decides not only the profit loss of the Japanese mineral enterprises. It also decided to Japan thousands of companies and related industries in Japan! Decided to tens of millions of workers out of work! Decided Japan's annual capital investment decision support huge! Japan's competitiveness in the field of high technology! Japan decision can preserve its existing position!.....

sorry, Japan in this field concerns the country's war, lost the future. Chinese started on the manufacturing industry in the bid day is in the manufacturing industry of the country, now, two “ manufacturing &rdquo has fully started the war. In the absence of the technological gap under the condition of resource and market decision of the two countries and the outcome, Chinese is aimed at Japan's seven inch &mdash — resources. It can be said that, in recent years, China has been in the back of mineral acquisitions abroad. More or less, there are more or less profound implications for Japan. In the year of

2009, Chinalco invested 19 billion 500 million US dollars to invest in Australian mining giant Rio Tinto, which officially launched the battle for China's overseas mineral resources. In 2016, Leshan Sheng and China Sea jointly invested $20 million 250 thousand to buy the only source of supply of rare earth rare earth mineral mountain pass. In 2016, the Luoyang molybdenum industry purchased niobium from Anglo American resources company in Brazil for 1 billion 500 million US dollars

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