In 2017, the 12 A shares "never thought"!

1, Guizhou Moutai shares broke through 700 yuan, laughing and proud A shares

at the beginning of 327.49 yuan opening of Guizhou Moutai, this year's highest stock price has reached 719.96 yuan, creating A share myth. According to statistics, a total of 143 research reports on Guizhou Moutai have been published this year, and the highest target price is 900 yuan / share of Anxin securities. Many people have an instinctive fear when buying high priced stocks. After seeing the trend of Moutai this year, they immediately felt that investment should be based on the present and look ahead.

2, a thousand year plan! "Xiong an new area" was born in April 1st

2017, and it is worth collecting. In April 1st, the central government decided to set up Xiong an New District, which is a millennium plan and a major event. A news of the Xinhua news agency came to the ground and the whole market was boiling. The following 5 trading days, the Xiong an plate continuous collective fluctuation, become the two city wonders. After a frenzied speculation, the new concept of male rapid cooling, subsequently repeatedly rebound, stocks of ups and downs, so many investors rose like a dream, and fell to mengsui.

3, fined and punished the most stringent regulatory year

in history, in order to change the two tier market investment ecology, the CSRC iron hand to control the market chaos. This year, the Commission made the decision 224, the amount of fines of 7 billion 479 million yuan, an increase of 74.74%, 44 people from entering the market, an increase of 18.91%, the number of administrative punishment, shichangjinru fines amount, a new record number. Fresh words, Zhao Wei, Foshan to help a big guy on the name of the punishments list, A shares of the hype ecology was changed, you think of these? The era of

4 and regulation is increasing. The age of

institutional investors can get stock at 66% off of market value. Since the beginning of this year, with the introduction of new regulations of refinancing and reduction, regulators have made a comprehensive revision of the fixed price increase mode, scale, refinancing cycle, fundraising purpose and reduction cycle. Financing ecological improvement, in the past, the "blood sucking" of shareholders will not return. Data show that in 2016 more than set by the size of 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan, this year dropped to about 1 trillion and 200 billion yuan.

5, the white horse stocks and small cap stocks with a large market the fate of different

this market "value investment" winds throughout the year, the performance of Whitehorse shares excellent, high growth and low risk, is the preferred investment target value. To Kweichow Moutai, GREE electric, Hikvision, Yili as the representative of the white horse shares out of the annual super Manniu shine two city. The index of Manniu not everyone can make money, has been a favorite small record retail price has most of the way south, the daily turnover of two million of liquidity premium ever meet the eye everywhere, a small stock no longer, even Yindie stocks appear flash crash. Those past love the concept of speculation but ignore fundamentals investors may really want to change the pattern of speculation.

6, A shares internationalization came so fast

China capital market volume and development dividend clearly can not be ignored, from QFII, and then to the future renntun Shanghai Shanghai and Shenzhen Hong Kong, more and more foreign capital into A shares. Lu shares through stock holdings scale of 100 million yuan, mainly concentrated in the white horse stocks, years or more than 50% of the envy of everyone can meet the eye everywhere. This also makes a great change in the investment style of the whole market, and foreign investment has become a "smart capital" that investors can not ignore. Since June 2018, China's A shares will be incorporated into the MSCI emerging market index and the global benchmark index, looking forward to the internationalization of the A shares for many years.

7, 5 new shares break!

as of December 27th, days of heavy industry, step pharmaceutical, triangle tire, biology, and the shares of shares 5 times break. Which the creature is listed in January 6, 2017, the other four were listed in 2016. In the future, with the recovery of market risk preference and the establishment of regular supervision, the sub stock sector is expected to stabilise. With the increase in quantity, it should not be seen as a theme of the new shares of the hype, but should be excavated in the real growth of the long line layout. The knot of

8 and "Wan Wan" dispute can still solve this problem.

has lasted for two years. Huarun withdrew, Shenzhen subway entered the bureau to hold Vanke shares and became the largest shareholder. Treasure can be fined Yao Zhenhua banned the insurance industry for ten years, Hengda loss exit, Wang Shi officially retired, Yu Liang succession. The stock price of Vanke A has climbed steadily since this year, up more than 50%, and the performance is also high. In this competition, Vanke completed the handover. Although the competition failed to win the control of the stock market, it is estimated that Bao can hold stocks and float up to 40 billion yuan. Investors holding Vanke A are also very satisfied. Are there any losers?

9, the collapse of the boss, "next week" to return, next week, what time?!

A - share Black Swan many, but this black

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