The position of the ear is high and low, to see if you are the leader of your life.

According to the relationship between the nose and ears,

can also see whether a person can be rich or not. Different places have different phases.

one, the lower ears are higher than the bottom of the nose.

pays more attention to spiritual enjoyment than material enjoyment, and is interested in art. Generally, it is not suitable for leaders, and is more suitable for art and creativity related careers.

two, and the lower end of the lower ear nose flat

of both sexes, the ears are lucky, spending restraint, reasonable saving, belonging to the type of good financial management, the most suitable for the financial related occupation.

three, ears below the lower nose

, this face is mostly for leaders, in the executives of large enterprises, the proportion of such ears is quite high. This is the

most people can become rich, but the workplace is relatively straightforward, and they do not need to open communication, euphemism, in order to obtain the maximum trust and communication effect.

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