Liu Shishi left the Chinese couple or group star couple shop can go far

Recently, micro-blog claimed that Liu Shishi and the contract will expire at the end of December this year, but she decided not to renew, nor with the original broker, will open a shop and husband Nicky Wu.

In fact, as early as December 2015, Liu Shishi has not left the Chinese when she had to cost 2 million yuan transferee to become the second largest shareholder of Nicky Wu set up the straw bear Television Culture Co., shares accounted for 12%. Straw bear is Nicky Wu founded the company in June 2014, since its inception, only invest in the shooting of "Musketeers legend" and "mission impossible" 2 100 TV sets.

Less than 3 months after Liu Shishi shares, storm technology announced plans to buy 60% stake in straw bear pictures of 1 billion 80 million yuan, of which Liu Shishi will receive 64 million 800 thousand yuan in cash and $151 million worth of storm technology stocks. During the period when Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi get married, the Internet have circulated Nicky Wu with 1 billion dowry married Liu Shishi news.

Unfortunately, the deal because the Commission believes that the current straw bear profitability has great uncertainty and was rejected, Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi 1 billion "gifts" ultimately wasted. Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu's "shopquot straw bear company future will be how to develop, whether Liu Shishi will star in Chinese TV series are unknown.

As the saying goes, "the husband and wife, their profits off the gold", the star in the entertainment business is not uncommon. However, some couples store happiness to envy, and some couples shop and a good idea.

Jane Zhang, Feng Ke: the small town era of change of equity of a mystery

In November 8th this year, "Dolphin Princess" Jane Zhang and Feng Ke, 14 years old, held a wedding in Italy. On October 8th, Jane Zhang, Feng Ke two people is about to marry after the news was broke, an open letter Zhang mother opened the curtain of the idea that drama.

Zhang mother suspected Feng Ke misappropriation of company equity both in an open letter to the court, and to the detriment of the interests of shareholders sued Feng Ke. Subsequently, Feng Kefa long to respond, Jane Zhang is also behind the prospective husband.

"Less city culture" was founded in 2009 by Jane Zhang, Feng Ke and other record companies, performing arts brokerage firm. The original Jane Zhang holding 70%, Feng Ke holding 20%, Yang Jinming held 10%; by 2012, the shareholders of the company changes, Zhang mother officially entered the small town culture, replacing Feng Ke holding 20%; in September 2013, Feng Ke replaced Yang Jinming holding 10%, to become a shareholder. Eventually in 2014, less than the city's cultural shareholders to change Jane Zhang Holdings 40%, Feng Ke holdings of 60%, Zhang mother did not qualify for the shareholders. Zhang mother said shareholders are eligible for all illegal deprivation, to change matters also did not know, "then Feng Kecheng for the company's largest shareholder, but it makes me sad that Feng Ke says Liangying is the largest shareholder." And Feng Ke is to respond to changes in equity in order to operate and financing needs, in essence, is the common property of husband and wife."

For Zhang Feng's shop less city times the territory, is not a small city culture, there is a small town in Beijing times culture development Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "little city development"), Feng Ke in a small city in the development of Jane Zhang holding 80%, holding only 20%.

Baoqiang Wang, Ma Rong, Bao Yirong: old wedding gift

The Cannes Film Festival, the public kiss dad where to go after the romantic wedding, a statement of divorce broke all the better. Baoqiang Wang once said "to her what I can put it down, so in the first second years the establishment of the Beijing Bao Yirong Film Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the" treasure Yirong "), as a wedding gift to his wife.

Bao Yirong was first established, Ma Rong holding 90%, 10% stake in Baoqiang Wang's brother Wang Jianyong; during the period after many changes, Ma Rong as the legal representative of the treasure Yirong people and large shareholders, has always been the absolute "master", until March 2016, Baoqiang Wang was really into Bao Yirong, Baoqiang Wang, Ren Xiaoyan, the change of shareholders Song Zhe; in April of the same year, Baoqiang Wang, Ren Xiaoyan, Ma Rong founded the League Joho Yirong investment management partnership (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as the "League Joho Yirong"), and will treasure Yirong change for the league and Baoqiang Wang held Joho yirong.

Many equity changes perplexing after Baoqiang Wang has actual control of Bao Yirong, Ma Rong only enjoys nearly 30% of the company income right. Baoqiang Wang roots play and an excellent business, has been developing a commercial territory, by Bao Yirong foreign investment happy film media Wuxi Co. Ltd., and involved in the issue of the "run", "Chinatown brothers Holmes", "unbelievable" three big movie.

And be caught off guard divorce declaration, but also to open the fiery shop suddenly changed, not full of old love bao Yirong the future will be how to develop?

Xu Jianing, Li Xiaoran's glorious media: three new board first couple movie shop

December 2015, Li Xiaoran, Xu Jianing couple join hands in Beijing glorious century media Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "brilliant media") landed three new board. Shine media was founded in 2000, investment in the production and the successful release contains "naked marriage age", "time to say" I love you "," my baby "triggered at any moment," and many other movies and television, Xu Jianing is the founder of the company.

According to the public transfer instructions, light media experienced a total of five times the equity change, which Li Xiaoran in May 2015 fourth changes invested 1 million shares, while the introduction of the article, Lou Ye, Li Xiao, Miao, mannan and many other star shareholders. Until now, Xu Jianing directly holds brilliance media 38% stake, Li Xiaoran holds 20%, two couples together directly holds 58% stake, in addition, Xu Jianing also held by holding-funds investment center 80% stake which indirectly holds 8% stake in the media.

Xu Jianing years of industry accumulation, Li Xiaoran star aura of blessing, two couples really sweet shop. But in the face of the listed company Huayi Brothers, Huace, Chee Wen media and three new board company Hareon pictures Monday, brilliance media wants to have good performance in the capital market to continue cultivating.


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