Chinese " leading central enterprises " CNNC Huanshuai: Wang Shoujun served as chairman of the board

In December 12th the industry was informed that in the afternoon, the volume Chinese nuclear industry the largest and most complete industrial chain of the nuclear group completed a replacement. The former chairman and party secretary Sun Qin formally to the age of retirement, Chinese nuclear engineering and Construction Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the nuclear construction group) former chairman and party secretary Wang Shoujun to replace Sun Qin became the new head of cnnc.

According to the official news of the nuclear group, 12 in the afternoon, the China National Nuclear Corporation held above the middle management staff of the general assembly. Vice Minister of the Central Organization Department announced a high voter decision of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on China National Nuclear Corporation leading change: Wang Shoujun was appointed chairman of the China National Nuclear Corporation, party secretary, chairman and party secretary of the office group from the China nuclear engineering and Construction Corporation; Comrade Sun Qin from the China National Nuclear Corporation chairman, party secretary positions, to withdraw from the old leadership. The appointment and removal of the duties of the chairman, according to relevant laws and regulations and the articles of association.

Wang Shoujun, 61 years old, long-term work in the nuclear industry system. Public resume shows that Wang Shoujun served as deputy director of China Corporation of nuclear industry construction and Installation Engineering Bureau; China National Nuclear Corporation of Party members, deputy general manager of State Nuclear Power Technology Corp; the State Party members, vice chairman and general manager; chairman of board for key large - owned enterprises; party secretary, chairman of China nuclear engineering and construction corporation.

In the list of central enterprises SASAC, is ranked first in the nuclear group. Large state-owned enterprises the leading central enterprises established by the State Council, its predecessor is the second ministry, the Ministry of nuclear industry, China Nuclear Industry Corporation, is the absolute giant China nuclear industry, mainly engaged in the nuclear industry, nuclear power, nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear technology, nuclear environmental engineering and other fields of scientific research the development, construction and production, and import and export business of foreign trade and economic cooperation. As of now, the nuclear group is the only China enterprises export nuclear power plant and to achieve volume of export.

Public data shows, 2015, the nuclear group annual total revenue grew 18%, total profit of over ten billion yuan, an increase of 38%, to achieve the economic value added (EVA) 6 billion 900 million yuan, than last year improved 39%, the full completion of the expected target.

Historically, CNNC nuclear construction group with the same root, the former in 1999 in the original Chinese Nuclear Industry Corporation owned part of enterprises based on the formation, the main industry for "military engineering, nuclear power engineering, nuclear power, nuclear research, engineering and technical services".

Wang Shoujun resume

Male, born in July 1955, Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province, doctor, researcher level senior engineer. Joined the Communist Party of China in 1980.

1971.05-1974.09 state 22 construction engineering company processing factory workers

1974.09-1977.09 Tianjin University, industrial and civil construction professional learning

1977.09-1985.04 erjibu 22 construction company five, three technicians

1985.04-1991.04 Ministry of nuclear industry (Group) the 22 construction company of three area, three deputy director of company manager, manager of Shanghai Manager

1991.04-1997.09 Nuclear Industry Corporation, deputy general manager of the construction company 22

1997.09-1999.06 deputy director general of China Nuclear Industry Corporation construction and installation works

1999.06-2000.06 China Nuclear Industry Construction Group, deputy general manager, Party members

2000.06-2004.10 deputy general manager of China Nuclear Industry Construction Group Corporation, Party members and discipline inspection team leader

2004.10-2007.03 deputy general manager of China National Nuclear Corporation, Party members

2007.03-2009.02 state State Nuclear Power Technology Corp vice chairman, general manager, Party members

2009.02-2012.09 chairman of the board of supervisors of state-owned key large enterprises

2012.09-2015.04 China Nuclear Industry Construction Corporation party secretary, general manager

2015.04-2016.12 China Nuclear Industry Construction Corporation chairman, Party Secretary

2016.12 China National Nuclear Corporation chairman, Party Secretary

Sun resume

Born in June 1953, Han nationality, native of Zhejiang Shaoxing, in December 1980 to join the Communist Party China, January 1982 to participate in the work of senior engineer. 1981 graduated from the Central Institute of mining and metallurgy exploration engineering, graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2005 (EMBA).

In January 1982 -1993 year in July the former Ministry of nuclear industry in East China Geological Exploration Bureau 261 Geological Brigade Deputy captain, Captain, deputy director of the East China Geological Exploration bureau;

In August 1993 December -1997 was appointed deputy director of China Nuclear Industry Corporation mining bureau;

December 1997 -1999 June as general manager of China Nuclear Industry Corporation, general manager of the general manager of the Bureau of geology;

July 1999 -2005 July as deputy general manager of China National Nuclear Corporation;

August 2005 -2008 in February as deputy director of the national defense science and Technology Commission and the director of the National Atomic Energy agency;

March 2008 -2009, deputy director of the national energy board (Deputy ministerial level);

August 2009 -2012 May China National Nuclear Corporation party secretary, general manager of the;

May 11, 2012 -2016 December China National Nuclear Corporation party secretary, chairman of the.

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