Beat Wang Sicong, 24 year old tea sister became the youngest richest! Sitting 38 billion 800 million!

All star small series of the latest "new fortune" magazine, the heart is at ten thousand hit, the same is 24 years old, the same is 90, while she was still a hard working dog, and age was already sitting on 38 billion 800 million tea girl.

Recently, the "new fortune" magazine published the 2017 500 rich list: Wang Jianlin Wang Sicong and his son in the throne of the richest man, Ma Yun ranked second, Liu Qiangdong Zhang Zetian ranked 29;

The 24 year old Zhang Zetian also beat the 29 year old Wang Sicong became the youngest richest "list"

Beyond the national husband Wang Sicong.

So how did she succeed in getting rich?

Zhang Zetian is the main investment by a company called "the Dongchen Klc Holdings Ltd". In the investment company, Liu Qiangdong invested 50 million yuan, accounting for 50% of the shares, and the company's chairman Akizawa day. "Dongchen Klc Holdings Ltd" business information also shows that it has invested in 8 companies, enough to appear as chairman Zhang Zetian has not been idle.

In early 2016, in Yabuli China enterprise annual meeting, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong had inadvertently revealed Zhang Zetian investment Uber.

"I was separated from my family's investment, all the family investment to the wife, she voted very well, including investment Uber." Although the specific amount of investment Zhang Zetian Uber undisclosed, Uber has long been merged with the drops, but at that time, on why Uber will receive outsiders Zhang Zetian investment? The topic is pretty hot.

Insiders said: as an investment upstart Zhang Zetian can appear in a series of tyrant state-owned investment list, enough to be able to see its good investment vision and strong connections.

However, the star Xiaobian think these are not the most important, the most important is to choose life, choose a strength, can offer her husband resources.

Of course, a successful man can not do without a good woman. Liu Qiangdong's success, but also rely on tea sister. Refueling, for our 90 glorious!

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