The domestic "electromagnetic big guns" designed to fight the UAV 3 kilometers outside a shot

Armed drones equipped with grenade launchers

Homemade anti UAV electromagnetic interference gun

Base station type electromagnetic interference system for anti UAV

[military] global network reported in July 4th July 3, 2017, directed by China science and Technology Association, China command and control society hosted the fifth session of China command and Control Conference and the third China (Beijing) the integration of military and civilian technology and equipment exhibition held in beijing. At this Expo, many unmanned aerial vehicles appear, except for ordinary aerial surveillance, surveillance, unmanned aircraft investigation, and some armed drones also attracted a lot of attention at the show.

In the light of Shenzhen technology exhibition, an armed UAV intelligent weapon system in kind exhibition, the six rotor UAV belly mounted beneath a grenade launcher, can be used to launch 38 mm and 40 mm caliber grenade weapon, launched a direct attack on the target. According to the exhibitors data show that this UAV can achieve Fleet Combat, a drone out of ammo will automatically return to recharge, recharge after the return to the battlefield, thus forming air support uninterrupted ground fire, the enemy formation continued deterrence.

As well as the terminal control platform is displayed together with the UAV, the armed UAV is only 3 steps to complete the attack: on the touch screen click on the target; press the "auto aim" button, the UAV autopilot to attack position and aim; press the "shooting" button to enemy fire. From the video picture of live ammunition shooting by exhibitors, we can launch many kinds of grenade such as knock bomb, tear gas and so on. The striking effect is remarkable.

Corresponding with the "drone fire tough" is that all kinds of drones to counter weapons is the highlight of the show. In the exhibition hall of the Beijing Aerospace Science and technology exhibition, it displays a form of science fiction anti UAV electromagnetic interference gun. This is a multi band microwave radiation device that uses high power microwave energy to interfere with and suppress small and medium sized uavs. Compared to missiles, laser and other large anti UAV equipment, this electromagnetic interference gun is more portable, the total weight of not more than 4 kilograms, the effective interference range of more than 3 kilometers, sustainable work time is not less than two hours.

随着近年来利用无人机开展的非法活动日益猖獗,便携式的反无人机武器装备也逐步受到关注,而反无人机电磁干扰枪就是有效的解决方案之一。除了这款"电磁大枪"外,宇能瑞达还展出了一款Base station type electromagnetic interference system for anti UAV,通过在重要区域设置"电子围栏",实现24小时对无人机目标的自动搜寻和攻击。其原理是在多个频段范围内对无人机等飞行器的无线电遥控信号实施压制,同时干扰无人机的GPS、BD等卫星导航信号,使无人机失去操作控制权。

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