How to save you, "slags" baby and "panda eye" mother!

your baby sleeping position is what

every new mother are looking forward to some day in the future the baby can sleep through the night [], but in fact the baby sleep cycle is very short, easy to wake up, wake up and not then sleep (sleep said: "text-align: style= />

feel the body is hollowed out! When is it a head?

do you want to break the night milk for the children?

no matter for the baby's long sleep,

what time can not feed the baby milk at night

< strong> during this course, from the Shanghai International Peace Maternity and Child Health Hospital of Shenyang Yuehua chief physician, to give you mom talk to the baby break night milk thing, come and save the baby sleep slag at home, so that they also sleep well!

  • easy to understand, professional doctors carefully explain

  • easy transfer; its strategy, the principle of

  • million; treasure the mother's identity and trust;

  • , let you on the road more easily bred!

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