Postpartum depression, trace elements, and milk... When mom is most concerned about these

you come, today is the annual summary.

What's going on for the past 2017 years?

with children, the focus is different.

Xiaobian comprehensive this year the amount of reading, forwarding and comment on the amount of volume data, summed up the parents are most concerned about, the most recognized and most resonate with 10 original articles, for the 2017 annual summary.


TOP 10

  • "timid" baby why?

  • afraid of strangers, afraid of mother leaving, what should I do?

juvenile insecure baby grow up may not self-confidence, independence, not easy to trust others, poor interpersonal relationships, anxiety, fear of new things easily......


don't worry that the more you accompany, the more timid the baby will be. his young mind is growing up and needs you to be accompanied and encouraged.

how to establish a sense of security, see this article:" this baby is the most insecure in the moment, you have not to regard it as right!


  • this baby bottle is appropriate? What's the effect of

  • milk bottle?

  • no bottle with what milk?  

  • Yu Gakuen clinic dental center director Dr. Wo Jiawei told you:"

    baby 1 years old can use the drinking water exposure.

    the long-term use of a bottle of milk, not only increases the risk of dental caries, but also easy to cause the lack of training of oral cavity muscle, affect the baby in the future looks!

    Pubdate:2017-12-28 21:17:15  Category:Parenting