Barcelona has done a good job for Barcelona and persuaded his old teammates to join us as soon as possible.

just shortly after the end of the Spanish National Derby, Real Madrid 3-0 Barcelona away down the starting lineup, Paulinho is regarded as one of the best players, and the season so far, he has scored 6 goals for Barcelona in the squad after Messi Suarez two big star. But Paulinho to Barcelona's contribution is not limited to this, according to the Spanish media reported recently in the 29 year old Brazil star also tried to help the team to complete the transfer work.

recently, is the Christmas holiday in Paulinho accepted an interview with "sports world", during the interview, he said he is no secret foreign Barcelona as a "guest", his goal is the national team's old teammate Coutinho, want to know at least two people there have been 7 years of friendship.

, "I told him (Coutinho)," as long as it comes, there will be no regret. He even told him that we were looking for a house for him, so I hope he will join us as soon as possible. " He said in an interview. For Liverpool's resolute and unwilling attitude, he also said: "I have experienced the same stage. When Hengda did not want to leave me, but everything will be fine, so I told him to remain calm and concentrate on the present."

is worth mentioning is that in a few days ago there was news that Barcelona will sell this summer just back slightly feu de Wu by many people, this is regarded as to make space in Coutinho. It needs to be seen as to whether the transfer can take a year and a year.

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