How should the host of the marketing trade be done?


as the age most around the age of 50 of these rural doctors, and for local people, can use local dialect presided over the best, can narrow the distance between each other. If there is no such person, the presiding of the conference in Mandarin is a good choice. After all, the company, as an official group, needs to appear in a formal way on such a more formal occasion. However, in terms of language, it can not appear in written language. Otherwise, it is considered that the distance between the doctors and doctors is not conducive to the development of communication.

we often say the eyes are the window to the soul. The host should be good for everyone to take advantage of a person himself, with a smile in the face of the eyes to visit the site and communicate with as many people as possible interaction. In particular, these core personnel, such as serious listeners, big customers in Township doctors, must be conveyed to these people through their eyes and convey their meaning to them, so that they can believe and recognize you, so that they can relax their vigilance and help them to carry out their work.

and host an important role, is to a connection point of interaction between the two sides formed at the scene. On the platform, I want to explain the company's system and policy to all the people who come to the meeting, and to interact and communicate with the staff at the meeting. At the same time, we should find out the flash points in the process of pulling the bill in time, and make full use of the time that these local doctors need to face and follow the crowd mentality, so that they can well publicize the atmosphere of the scene from time to time, reading, stirring, stimulating, seducing, and propagandize and convey to the scene.

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