I have been married for 28 days.

to understand the domestic market in the end how blind chaos, I decided to personally experience, inquiry Unexpectedly.

so I downloaded Jiayuan, Lily network, NetEase Hanada, unfamiliar street, to explore some online dating, dating APP, I began a period of nearly a month of" online dating ", a lustrous and dazzling world full of evil, I started slowly......

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I give myself a few photos, as the main purpose is to investigate, or to ensure the authenticity of the information. Now, there is still hope in my mind. As a single person, my realistic circle is very small. If I can understand the reliable Girls online, I will not refuse this way.

a friend said, online dating show their own economic strength is very important, otherwise the girls may first step put you off screen. In addition to personal photos, I took several photos of my watch, house and car to several platforms.

in addition, height, weight, income, occupation, school and other information, in addition to the extremely individual in order to protect the privacy for the treatment, I have to fill in. Some platforms will also require authentication of the property and the car, and all are certified.

> so spent one or two days, the preparation is basically completed.

  red party, tea merchants and derivative  

may I upload the luxury, luxury car information plays a role, although he never take the initiative to contact others, each platform will soon have no girl I have to say hello:" margin-left: style=

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