Liu Tao ex husband photo exposure, she finally admitted that he abandoned her ex husband

Speaking of Liu Tao, compared to people who like to watch TV, are not strange. From last year's "Nirvana in Fire" "Ode to joy", but Liu Tao continued in the circle of powder scraper, countless, fire don't do. As a popular line star, Liu Tao also has a hidden marriage, she rarely mentioned in front of the media in the past.

In the entertainment circle, Liu Tao is known as the wife of the name, but she is also married, so on so good to her, how then left. What did her ex husband do for her?. You know Liu Tao now but the marriage career double harvest, typical workaholic, work very hard, and marry a "Beijing four little" Wang Ke, with her love for her husband. So who is Liu Tao's ex husband?

Liu Tao's husband is a famous Taiwan architect Li Weimin, when they met, Liu Tao had just graduated from school to work soon, they met when looking at the house, Liu Tao appreciated the wise man, she said to marry marry, I like the same man, while Li Weimin is mature with her visit, Li Weimin also gave her a lot of help, so the two of them grew slowly.

At that time, two people have to begin the discussion about marriage, is said to have been registered for marriage, he sent a feast, now online can search their wedding certificate. They also decorated the house in the name of husband and wife. But in 2007, good times don't last long, they broke up, because Liu Tao was not what fame, so it did not concern her.

Just shortly after the break-up of the same year, Liu Tao met with owner Wang Ke, two people 20 days to get married, but not what happens in the entertainment circle, then Wang Ke is a typical nouveau riche, very high profile, there is less known as Beijing four. Liu Tao and Wang Ke met after three months of marriage, when a wealthy wife, also announced the withdrawal from the entertainment circle. It was reported that the attack on Li Weimin's big, who had made him unable to get up after a fall, suffering from mild depression.

Liu Tao's current husband Wang Ke, like Liu Tao, is the second marriage. It is said that Wang Ke's ex-wife is his college classmates, two people is also 07 years of childhood sweetheart, divorce, in October of the same year, Liu Tao fell in love with two people, is a heart to heart, with considerable understanding. Perhaps there is with the people, when Liu Tao was ready too wide, Wang Ke did not expect overnight bankruptcy, plute negative Ho, completely breaking the Liu Tao giants dream.

When the lady was not married, can not become, because many people feel that Liu Tao is married to Wang Ke only because of money, if Wang Ke left him bankrupt, is nothing more than playing their own, so was forced to helpless, Liu Tao only took a series of comeback filming, several plays, all of a sudden fire and make a lot of fee, to help her husband to pay off all debts, suddenly become rich. But now Wang Ke said the gigolo.

Because Liu Tao never abandon, therefore won a good reputation for her, is a circle of powder countless good acting her high Yan value, plus, it is a sister TV drama. Although Liu Tao has negative Li Weimin earlier, but who can choose to live the life I want, this is Liu Tao again with no ground for blame, their own efforts to get everything, now a happy enough.

Like Liu Tao, Gao Yan values have good reputation acting star is really not much, although the birth of two children, but was pretty tight, she was in "Lu Yu about" self destruct, every morning will cook Ge Rong Xiaozhi porridge to eat, Liu Tao bump colorful stature is for this reason that girl tried ten day, small thick legs disappeared.

As you can see, Liu Tao and Wang Kesheng have a son and a daughter, the cause is very stable, she said her daughter's eyes like her, son like her husband. Although Liu Tao and Wang Ke are married, but this society has always been the success of heroes, so these problems become the negative news of Liu Tao, we see only a strong ability as an understanding wife and loving mother. Choose a better man as her husband, this is understandable.

Fortunately, after Li Weimin and Liu Tao broke up, has not been down, he soon perk up, now he was from an ordinary designer, has now become the famous architectural designer, on the Internet can see his design products, now have a family of my own. No matter how cherish the past people are the most important.

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