She is the most beautiful child, Guan Xiaotong and partner Zhao Liying Yang Mi for the match, was known to everyone!

today Xiaobian want to say is a little beauty, Jiang Yiyi! Said the name you may not be familiar with, but speaking of some drama, you must remember!

2011 Jiang Yiyi was born in 1991, now only sixteen years old, but is already a good girl! Family was generous, because childhood hobbies started acting. Although still young, but there has been a lot of work!

2007, live with a smile is very fire, Jiang Yiyi played in the drama when the women at that time, she was like a very beautiful doll. This drama, Yang Mi is also the filming of the drama college, who plays the female master's sister, very beautiful. Yang Mi was ridicule, said his costume play more, hear back people shouted his name will be very hard, don't come across very seriously!!

, after Jiang Yiyi starred in the The legend of Condor Hero palace lock incense, cyclone Girl 2 drama! And Guan Xiaotong and Lin Miaoke together are called the most promising star! Now Guan Xiaotong love acting because the aurora questioned Lin Miaoke, appearance and performance is not recognized by everyone, Jiang Yiyi was growing more and more momentum this year!

< p> fire Chuqiao, Jiang Yiyi appeared in the first episode, and then hung up! Although few scenes, but have to say, because Chuqiao the hot, plus Jiang Yiyi's appearance and performance are good, or got everyone's attention