Zheng Shuangxin Christmas love, friends: this man is 12 years older than Zheng Shuang, but the!

Zheng Shuang Zheng Shuang Tong Dawei 'top secret snow romantic drama transillumination, a snow is currently filming in Shanghai, Jin Haodong and agent Su Jiaman in the snow happy stroll; recently Zheng Shuangyi straight in the quiet and low-key filming, this is cool to have genuine small Christmas gifts? Take the

Tong Dawei is a devout Buddhist, in the home of the shrine worship, is not only to protect their own safety, also repair the heart, pray all things beautiful. Good people are always easy to get together, so the fans support them very well. They do not crave their idol crazily, like other fans, but spontaneously initiate donation activities to the hope primary school on the forum.

Zheng Shuang is a very rare actor. Her eyes are real and clean. I haven't seen her for a long time. Her performance doesn't have many skills, but she is real. And I knew every time that she was showing up in all her heart, and she had put in a lot. She had never seen such an actor for a long time, and I was very lucky to meet her. Her success is not to bow to the society. She has her own independent world. The future needs to continue to collide and grow. It may be rough and painful, but it is a process of gradual maturity. Maybe at this stage of her age, she can not understand many things, but the way of art is still very long.

doesn't know if Tong Dawei and Zheng Shuang can make a spark, but we all know that Tong Dawei has already had a happy family. It should not be. Many users see the new love thought Zheng Shuang came out again, after all, the audience is unaware that they were filming, and there are relatives action in the snowy day of Christmas, don't let people think it is not normal things, but they are 12 years old, the age gap is too big!

Zheng Shuang such a beautiful girl, only a lovely little editor to match our family is small!