Han Geng expects the family to have three children to become daughter slaves

Han Geng

recently, busy run away as Han Geng guest Wang Jiangyue presided over the depth of the chat show "star dialogue", refers to the new movie "former Raiders 3", he said, this is a comedy, but also a Swiss man movie, especially from 2014 "former 1" this year the "former 3", is not only the film he played up his own cloud Meng, also more mature.

is Han Geng's 12th anniversary debut this year. He is very grateful for the past 12 years. He admits that he has not changed or changed. The same thing is to stick to his original mind and become more and more mature. In the program, Han Geng said that the pace of work slowed down over the past two years, and did many interesting things, such as challenging all kinds of extreme sports, and spending more time with family members.

doesn't want to play the role of repetition. You will be tired of

's comedy performance in "the former 3". Han Geng said his lines are very interesting, so as long as we grasp the rhythm, we can show comedy color and no exaggeration. He confessed that after three years, he took the former series again, not only that the role was growing, but also more delicate in his handling of the emotional drama. "The entanglement of feelings is not only reflected in the expression, but also changes in the heart, and it will appear naturally, that is the most true." In addition to "former 3", Han Geng has also taken several films such as detective Hawthorne, decoy and real Three Kingdoms in the past year, with different styles and themes.

has been challenging his comfort zone. In the program, Han Geng said he didn't want to repeat the same role, "people will be greasy."

at the end of last year, Han Geng played two plays with Zhang Ziyi in the history of the destruction of romance. Although it was just a guest, there was not much drama, but it left a deep impression on the outside world. The "Star" dialogue recording scene, he told Wang Jiangyue, it is because the appearance time is too little, so we must give the audience left a deep impression in the two plays, so we discussed a foot fetish. When Han Geng started shooting, he put on his suit and wore shorts. "The lens is a very formal suit, and you can feel funny when you open your shorts."

asked him what he had to expect from his performance, he said, as long as he was fit for himself and would be interested in the play. But he also said that hope was a matter of quality, weight, and something that could bring him up. Since his debut, Han Geng did almost no traditional so-called idol drama, "I did not say that the idol is not good, you have to fit, then you think" former Raiders "is not the idol?" the former Raiders "is the idol drama!"

Han Geng

debut 12 years, change is the mentality, the same is the beginning of the heart

2017 November 6th Han Geng debut 12th anniversary, every year in November 6th, Han Geng will be in the micro-blog voice. He was very grateful for the past 12 years. In the program, Wang Jiang Yue asked him to summarize the changes and changes in the past 12 years. He said that the same thing is changing mindset. He knows very well what he wants and does things on the right side. Mindset, he has slowed down his work in these years and has given himself and his family a lot of time.

, for example, has been unlocking all kinds of extreme sports, from bungee jumping, parachute to high aloft, not only to play very addicting, but also to take part in the mother. In the national day of this year, he also received the 80 year old grandfather to Beijing, with his grandfather to play mahjong, to listen to music, to play aircraft, and even to ride a motorcycle. In the program, he also revealed that grandpa was very curious and playful. He liked to try new things when he was young. He was the first generation of motorcycles. When he was a kid, he used to ride a motorcycle with me. When I was older, I drove my car to take him. "If the

imagine the next 12 years after his?" Wang Jiangyue continued, said he hopes to have a happy family, three children, and said with a smile, if the daughter, daughter is likely to become a slave.

in the previous period, Han Geng sent a photo with Kim Jaejoong on micro-blog, hot search, causing a lot of people to recall and kill. At the scene, he revealed that although he had left South Korea early, he had been linked with Kim Jaejoong, and he received a sudden news of Kim Jaejoong that day, saying he wanted to see him. The two people who met again were still eating and chatting as before, but there was no change. Instead, they felt that Kim Jaejoong was much more mature. He began to slow down his pace and enjoy life as he did.