Ma Yili was thankful for the prize, and all the guests' seats were empty. None of the people who applauded were not.

to the end of the year are often gathered in various ceremony, the award winning the award winning national opera festival! As a Golden Horse Award and other awards are so content. But there are also a lot of people in the entertainment circle.

is the most popular starring player in the year. This year, the actors in my first half of life are also present. The awarding of prizes is natural. Their presence is also natural. Lei Jiayin is the ex husband in the first half of life. Besides giving himself the award, he also gives the award for his ex-wife Ma Yili. The time is also as in the past the humor, later said the special thanks to Ma Yili, Ma Yili is his benefactor!

was introduced to Ma Yili in the first half of ray caroling! Talking ray caroling shot of Ma Yili, to see the results of Ma Yili around all the seats are empty, people have to go about the. In fact, they can be considered to be the existence of the pressure axis, but people are basically all the collar, the pork should take the same. Few can bring it to the end. When all the people have finished, they won't even have a applause when they won the prize,