He finally declared Zhao Liying, Zhao Liying answer suspected two people relationship has been established!

Many people say that Zhao Liying and Yang Mi are the same, they are brought with "black physique" of the people, they can say that the two are from the black powder under the mouth came. However, to say the most miserable or Zhao Liying, because she will do good things will be people Tucao, as before she paid for the road home, like, no less netizens dispute.

In fact, Zhao Liying along the way have been accustomed to, she can be said to be a one, otherwise she would not hold today. But Zhao Liying often spend their time on work, so he didn't have the time to respond to the sarcastic remarks.

Although Zhao Liying himself for these Tucao can be used as not to hear, but her fans had felt distressed, now 30 years old, but still a single person, many people are urging her to find a boyfriend for his share as soon as possible. But Zhao Liying said: either love or love regardless of personal danger like moths to a flame.

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As we all know, Zhao Liying's popularity in the entertainment industry is very good. Even some people think she is more simple than their friends. Just like before, Zhao Liying and He Jiong openly kissing in the street, so many fans called: "together."!

Although what the teacher said this to just to show results, but everyone thinks they're very well matched, but Zhao Liying once said that his spouse is like what the teacher carefully, gentle, considerate person.

In fact, Zhao Liying has been rumored to have a boyfriend for the past two years, but it's just not sure. However, there was a person on a program "confession" Zhao Liying, he is the best combination of Zhao Liying and CP Li Yifeng.

He once asked Zhao Liying, "have you ever dreamed of me in your dreams?"" Zhao Liying smiled, "yes, love for life."." After listening to Li Yifeng actually exposed shy look, do they really like the way the relationship between a lot?

A lot of people say that Zhao Liying is the man of God because she has a harvester, exquisite posture and naivete character, in the entertainment circle there are many men of God's love for her, and she often in the scarf drying out Titaiqingying little mystery, no wonder everyone would love her, Little Joe two weeks on the primary school. All around in a circle.

In fact, Zhao Liying's boyfriend who is not important, the important thing is that she likes to heart, can become her shoulder. Zhao Liying these years has always been a person to bear all the pressure of life, she mentioned before, he will temporarily entertainment rest for a period of time, because too tired!!!


Are you going to support Zhao Liying and Li Yifeng?

Zhao Liying to temporarily entertainment, how do you see?