So long, Wallace Huo mother finally say Wallace Huo don't choose Joe Chen true story!

In May last year, Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin open love, ten years of good friends become the love of this life, in July, two people entered the marriage hall. This year, the heart also gave birth to a lovely little dolphin, a family of three good happiness.

Today, veteran cadre Wallace Huo has married Ruby Lin and gave birth to a baby, saying that Wallace Huo's girlfriend is high in color, and his predecessor, Joe Chen, is also the goddess of the masses.

Joe Chen is the only actress Wallace Huo admits to dating. Two people in the "hundred daughter hundred", because the drama becomes attached, so it sparks. And Wallace Huo once told Joe Chen in the variety: "I protect you.". Visible, Wallace Huo is also very attentively to this sentiment.

However, this love lasted less than half a year after breaking up, so far the reason for breaking up is not very clear. As we all know, Joe Chen is Wallace Huo's only former girlfriend admitted in front of the media. It is obvious that Joe Chen still has a certain position in Wallace Huo's mind.

Later, the two people to cooperate again, "swordsman", there are two people composite news. Both sides stand up and deny, Wallace Huo is more maintenance, "something rushed me, black I do not matter, she is a girl, do not go too far."".

During the filming, two people mixed up the news all over the place, but because Wallace Huo's career was heavy, Joe Chen lacked the sense of security, and the two people gathered away from each other, which led to the breakup. Perhaps they are meant to be!

Character is not appropriate, along with long will know, they still failed to survive the period. Hua GE has found his happiness, Joe Chen is still busy with his career, goddess or not too hard.

Since Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo married, there are net friends with Ruby Lin and Joe Chen do comparison, two people on the same stage is also called "century big stage", more net friend also found a Joe Chen very unhappy photos.

Looking at the eyes is really angry. Even Wallace Huo's mother said he would support the children as long as they wanted to. Wallace Huo also told his mother about Ruby Lin's good feelings.

Huo mother also said a few years ago to see Ruby Lin Su Yan, to Huo mother left a good impression. It seems that Wallace Huo's mother doesn't like women who are very heavy and colourful.

Joe Chen, the queen of the ratings, is a big hit. Sweet looks fine, if a snake like small waist, the body is very hot. She is so attractive because the Wai, Wai Leng Leng taste ten days, significantly more.

Now Joe Chen, by virtue of their own efforts, so far it is not easy to go, the cause can be so successful, is also very good, and she played each TV Huohuo, he even more than her fire hero with fire, so she has a nickname called "Vanves woman in the entertainment circle".

Joe Chen. A goddess who is almost 38 years old. I always thought she was more than 20. Unfortunately, time flies. But she could see that she was a 38 year old goddess from Yan, from her figure, from her words and deeds, from top to bottom, from left to right.

Now, the excellent she lives so beautiful, wonderful, after all, will meet her hand in hand with her life, and sincerely bless her!